As a career mum, your ‘staff’ are you, your partner and what you can afford to outsource. In other words the people who are going to help you coordinate your work and family life so that you can perform your work commitments and raise secure, happy and confident children.

Divide, conquer…and outsource the rest

Divide, conquer…and outsource the rest

The most logical way to organise your staff is to work out firstly what you and your partner can do together and individually, then outsource the jobs you can’t or don’t want to do to either paid or unpaid help.

In Not Guilty, the Staff chapter looks at how you select and manage your staff, including:

  • What jobs need to be done?
  • What roles and tasks do you want to do/or are willing to do in the home?
  • What roles or tasks does your partner want to do or is willing to do in the home?
  • What additional skills do you need to source elsewhere?
  • Who else could help you achieve your family goals?
  • Your financial priorities and trade-offs, including what you’re prepared to pay to outsource
Who are your staff?

Who are your staff?

Your staff may be as simple and as basic as your partner, who may work full-time and only be available late at night or on the weekends.

Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have an army of unpaid workers: with siblings, parents and grandparents all available to help at any hour of the day.

For most of us, however, the reality is mix of paid and unpaid workers, some full-time and some part-time. You may even be prepared to negotiate skill or time swaps, so you effectively become staff for a friend who then does the same for you in return.

Be creative about how you think about staff and you’ll find you can maximise your resources, by outsourcing the chores you dislike and maybe sacrificing spending money on ‘things’ so you have some spare cash to pay for ‘services’.

Want to enjoy both motherhood and your career without feeling guilty?

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