NOT <span>GUILTY</span>


Having a family can be the time of your life…but it can also be virtually impossible to immerse yourself in a meaningful career while simultaneously raising a young family.

And the unfortunate reality for many women (myself included!) is that we simply don’t have the luxury of a partner who is willing or able to work part-time or take on the role of “house husband”.

So as career mums, it’s time to get real…and time to get strategic.

Passionate about parenting but want a fulfilling career?

Well you’re not alone.

In Not Guilty, I’ve employed the same thinking frameworks I used in my career as a corporate strategist, instead using them to provide a guide for women wanting to successfully negotiate work/life balance.

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Named in 2014 as one of the 10 most powerful part-time workers in Australia, Nicolette Rubinsztein is passionate about helping women who want to combine motherhood and a fulfilling career.

And with over 10 years’ experience working part-time in some of the highest corporate positions in Australia, while simultaneously raising three children and studying at times, Nicolette is uniquely qualified to speak about juggling kids and a career!

Find out more about how Nicolette can help your team or your audience to think strategically about work/life balance and come away inspired with practical, proven ideas.

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'NOT GUILTY' Book Launch

Nicolette speaks at the launch of her book ‘Not Guilty’

“I believe we are well on the way to gender equality in the work-place…”

Enjoy Nicolette’s well-founded optimism as she outlines some of the factors that helped her hold a senior corporate position and look after her 3 young children.


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