Shared Values

There’s a really good reason why Shared Values sits at the heart of the McKinsey 7-S Framework, whether it’s applied to business or family life.

It’s because your shared values with your partner become the unwritten and often unspoken guidelines which form your family culture.

And culture, whether in a business or a family, drives all behaviour – both good and bad.

What makes you BOTH happy?

What makes you BOTH happy?

In any partnership or marriage, both parties bring a separate set of values that have been influenced by our family and upbringing. And often we are unaware of just how deep these values are buried in our subconscious until we decide to start our own family.

Understanding and discussing these values with your partner as early as possible will reduce the chance of misunderstanding and conflict and help you work together as a team to balance working life and raising your children.

Because ultimately, your shared values really come down to being clear on what makes you BOTH happy. There’s now a wealth of research showing that it’s not about achievements, status and money, but it’s relationships that make you happy.

What does this mean for me as a career mum?

What does this mean for me as a career mum?

As early as possible in your relationship take the time to consider and discuss both your values around:

  • balancing motherhood and your career
  • when you want to start your family
  • how much of a role you each will play in early childhood care

If you get the shared values right, you have the foundations of a successful journey.

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