Work/life balance is crucial for healthy, happy and hardworking employees.

And when your employees have achieved the right balance between work and family, you can instantly see it in their performance. They are happier and healthier. They are more productive. And they stay with you longer.

But when that balance is out of kilter, it’s not only their health and their family that suffers. They are distracted at work, often call in sick and just can’t focus on the task at hand. Not only does their parenting suffer, but so does their performance at work.

Which is why all your employees want and need to find a way to achieve a work/life balance that lets them flourish at work, while also enjoying their family.

Want to attract and retain great female talent?

Want to attract and retain great female talent?

You’ve invested so much time into hiring and training your corporate employees, and you know the costs of high employee turnover.

Companies that actively retain their female staff are also better able to:

  • reduce turnover costs
  • enhance organisational performance
  • improve staff loyalty
  • encourage and attract female leaders

Nicolette is available to hold corporate seminars with your male and female staff. These can be tailored to your specific needs. Examples can include:

  • Strategies for successful career mums
  • Managing career mums
  • Managing flexibility
  • Achieving work/life balance

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